Why our home renovation got off to a false start

My plan was always to start sharing my home renovation journey through some Happy Plan blogs when we moved to our new house back in December 2020. 

We snapped up the house because of its original wood panelling, beautiful stained glass windows and grand high ceilings, not to mention the massive garden that my green fingers were itching to get started on. It’s been lived in for many years by an elderly couple and it’s fair to say that it needs a lot of TLC, having been left to grow old and tired over the years. We spent months talking about our plans for when we moved in, where we would start and what we hoped to achieve before our baby arrived in March 2021. I was really excited to start documenting the transformations. 

But two weeks after we moved in we were burgled while we slept upstairs. Not the house thank goodness, but our garage was smashed into and our bikes were stolen. My beautiful vintage pink bike, complete with basket and bell, which was a gift from my husband the Christmas before. To some they might just be bikes, but to us they were our freedom rides during the lockdown lows of 2020. We had enjoyed so many adventures on them when there was little else to do. It wasn’t just a case of our bikes being taken either, but that we had become victims of crime for the first time. I have never before felt so vulnerable or scared in the place I was supposed to feel safe and secure, our home. 

So I’ll admit that I fell completely out of love with our new house and wished we’d never moved, I felt scared in the night, waking at any tiny noise, that is if I’d managed to fall asleep at all. I resented the work that lay ahead of us, not wanting to put any energy or love into a house that I felt had let me down. And I was angry that the excitement I had when we first moved in was taken from us by those thief’s in the night. 

It’s taken me all of the months that followed to start making amends and if I’m honest I am still not there yet. But six months later and a good few projects in I feel like I’m slowly starting to find the joy in our renovation project again. And I’m hoping by documenting the journey I’ll start to feel more settled here. I’m optimistic that I will create a space where my family can enjoy happy memories, we feel safe and settled and I can make this place our home. 

So as we go, alongside other blogs, I’ll be sharing by renovation journey with you. I hope you enjoy watching our house transform into our home. 


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