Dear autumn, are you my favourite season?

It’s no secret that I’ve missed my dose of sunshine this year. When I think back to the bright blue days we were blessed with in Croatia last September I can’t believe a whole year has passed. We’d planned a proper two week summer holiday in 2020 but the world had other plans. 

Pit stop along the costal highway from Dubrovnik to Split

So I’ve done my best to make the most of our beautiful little garden in the sunshine – I know how lucky I am to have outside space throughout lockdown. But as the nights grow darker a little earlier and the air starts to turn crisp, I’m relieved to see the first signs of autumn. 

Each year as a new season arrives I remember why it’s my favourite, convincing myself there is no other that tops it. And each September I do the same with autumn. 

Beautiful changing trees on one off our favourite walks
Rhubarb loves the fallen leaves

A lot is changing for me at the moment and the comforting thought of cosy nights, candle lights and chunky knits is very much welcomed. I love to see the leaves changing colour each day as I walk Rhubarb and getting home to hearty stews that have warmed in the slow cooker all day. Not that I ever need an excuse for a bath, but they feel even more needed on a chilly autumn evening. 

So while I’m always a little sad to say goodbye to summer, focusing on what new and familiar happiness comes with the next season helps make the transition one full of joy. 

What do you love most about autumn? 


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