The good, the bad and the fussy

I started my first blog post with a little bit of detail about my hunt for happiness and so next I want to take some time to talk to you about the ‘plan’ part of The Happy Plan.

Those who know me relatively well will know that I’m a pretty organised person. I’m a communications and marketing professional by trade, which is a job focused on objective-setting, campaign-planning and success-evaluating, so it’s a perfect fit to suit my structured (and straightforward!) nature.

But those who know me really well will know that I use planning as a way to control anxiety and worry in my personal life – as well as through my work. I find comfort in certainty, thoughtfulness and the deliberate. And the feeling of charge that comes with having a plan helps me to enjoy those everyday (and special!) moments of happiness just that little bit more. 

Or so I tell myself.  I have fallen victim, and fear I will all my life, to being a serial over-planner in moments that should be spontaneous and carefree. 

I have been known to painstakingly plan a transfer from an airport to a hotel on a trip, only to find that the bus cancelled last minute or the train got diverted. PANIC! I can quickly spiral into feelings of nervousness and dread because I hadn’t planned for that – and a million other – scenarios. I realise my reaction may seem extreme, especially considering that I am in my thirties and haven’t been stranded in an airport for the last 2+ years, but it can have that overwhelming affect on me none-the-less.

So my relationship with planning is a tricky one. Having said that, I have had some of the best and most memorable moments of my life by having a good plan – or as my husband would say, “being fussy”. As I grow older I am working harder to find a balance – to enjoy the planning phase, but to enjoy the moment even more. I’m looking forward to sharing that journey with you through The Happy Plan. 

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