Welcome to The Happy Plan

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now, but as you will soon come to learn, the majority of things in my life require a plan. So, after many conversations with those who inspire me to be creative and adventurous, I’ve decided to dive right in.

This blog originally began as a place for me to escape with my thoughts – don’t you feel better after you write everything down and commit it to paper? Over the past weeks and months, in this upside down world we find ourselves in, it’s also been a place for me to find solace. 

And so ‘The Happy Plan’ was born. Essentially, it’s a place for me to share my journey to finding happiness in the everyday and also looking ahead to how I hope to experience happiness in the future. That is not to say I don’t experience happiness right now, far from it. I have a very comfortable life as I continue to work and earn at this time. I have a beautiful home, a hilarious husband, a crazy dog, inspiring friends and a loving family. And yet I often go to bed with this feeling in my gut. One of anxiety, worry, trepidation and sadness and more often than not I end each day asking my husband a question he has come to expect – ‘Is everything going to be ok’?

The confirmation of happiness, to feel it, live it, recognise it and enjoy it is something that I have found myself struggling with recently, but if I’m honest, for a large part of my life. So as I head into my thirties and the clarity that this has unexpectedly brought, I wanted to explore the things that bring me joy and how to embrace them, own them and live them.  

Maybe, just maybe, I can make you laugh or even cry along the way, but most of all I hope you can relate to my story and that I can help you recognise what happiness looks like in your life. I can maybe even give you some tips on how to find it in the future… 

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