Welcome to The Happy Plan.

My plan to find happiness in the everyday and the future.

Why our home renovation got off to a false start

My plan was always to start sharing my home renovation journey through some Happy Plan blogs when we moved to our new house back in December 2020.  We snapped up the house because of its original wood panelling, beautiful stained glass windows and grand high ceilings, not to mention the massive garden that my green… Continue Reading →

Long time, no blog

I’ve been away for quite a while now. The truth is, I lost my way a little. The novelty of 2020 and lockdown life began to wear pretty thin by autumn. Working from home became isolating, missing family and friends became exhausting and investing in my own happiness became challenging.  I also found out I… Continue Reading →

Poise instead of panic in the face of adversity

It’s been a hectic few months in the life of The Happy Plan. I’m still in the process of moving house, things at work are busier than ever and I’m experiencing a lot of personal changes at the moment too. If you asked my husband, I’m sure he’d tell you that I haven’t been managing my stress levels all that well, and I’d probably have to… Continue Reading →

Dear autumn, are you my favourite season?

It’s no secret that I’ve missed my dose of sunshine this year. When I think back to the bright blue days we were blessed with in Croatia last September I can’t believe a whole year has passed. We’d planned a proper two week summer holiday in 2020 but the world had other plans.  So I’ve… Continue Reading →

Always missing you

This week just gone marked thirteen whole, entire, full, long years without my wonderful mum. Thirteen missed birthdays and Christmas’, countless forgotten shopping trips, hundreds of absent Sunday brunches, thousands of lost cuddles, kisses and I love you’s. And an infinite number of vanished conversations that should have contained wisdom, advice and reassurance.  In some ways… Continue Reading →

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